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        Vacuum jet freezer

        Vacuum crystallization of titanium dioxide

        In the process of titanium extraction from lime nite, a large amount of ferrous sulfate needs to be crystallized out from the mineral solution made by dissolving the limonite in acidic water.The objective of vacuum crystal l zation is to cool the mineral solution for the ferrous sulfate to precipitate out.Under vacuum and decompression, the boling point of the mineral solution lowers to lead to a boiling and the solvent evaporates.In the vaporization, a large amount of heat is absorbed, so that the solution is cooled quickly and ferrous sulfate crystals precipitate out.


        Product features

        ●High freezing efficiency
        ●Simple balance of plant
        ●Effective cost for equipment investment
        ●Low running cost
        ●Small footprint
        ●High concentration of titanium after crystallization reduces the concentration processing
        ●Crystallization end sata high temperature


        Product Application

        Use for crystallization of potassium nitrate, mira bi it e, titanium dioxide and other chemical products that need crystallization under low pressur

        Vacuum jet freezer

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